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Accent Ideas

Including accents in a METROBRICK® thin brick wall is a great way to add interest.

It could be a band of color, a different texture, a change in pattern or any combination of these used to create an accent in a thin brick wall. And because of the characteristics of thin brick it is easier to create these eye catching additions than with traditional brick.
Accents in thin brick can be used to break up spacing in a wall, add a design element, or create a focal point. Whatever the reason for adding an accent to thin brick, there is no doubt they can change a simple brick wall into something extraordinary.
Below are a few examples of the type of accents that can be created. Obviously, these are just a few and only scratches the surface of what is possible using METROBRICK® thin brick.

350 | 710
105 | 107
107 | 108
365 | 101
X35 | 458