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Flashed Colors - Range

METROBRICK® thin brick offers a variety of colors with kiln fired flash - range variation.

It is desirable today to reproduce the wide range of colors found in bricks from the past. The lack of technical advancement in that time produced bricks with natural kiln fired shading - flashing. The old bee hive kilns were not able to closely control the firing of these bricks and depending on the location of the bricks in the kiln they could fire quite differently. This created a wide range of hues and tones from brick to brick. Today, thin brick manufacturers work to recreate these traditional looks. METROBRICK thin brick does this without the use of chemical or sprayed on flash. Instead, METROBRICK thin brick creates real flash in the kiln firing process, truly replicating traditional brick. METROBRICK thin brick shading looks natural because it is. And best of all, METROBRICK flash will not wear off because it is not a surface treatment, but instead part of the brick. Below are the kiln flashed colors METROBRICK thin brick offers.

151 Commons Flashed*
155 Fieldstone Flashed*
458 Brownstone Flashed
250 Courtyard Flashed
255 Marketplace Flashed
350 Main Street Flashed
365 Schoolhouse Red Flashed

*Not available in Wire Cut finish.