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AIA Continuing Education for Thin Brick

METROBRICK® is an AIA Continuing Education Provider.

METROBRICK currently offers two Thin Brick AIA Continuing Education courses. They are, Advantages of Using Thin Brick Veneer, a 1LU course, and The Health, Safety, and Welfare Benefits of Thin Brick and Thin Brick Wall Systems, a 1LU HSW credit course. Both courses are available for either an in-person presentation or webinar.

Contact us about presenting these courses to your group. We would be happy to share them with you either in person or via webinar.

Advantages of Using Thin Brick Veneer (1 LU)

This AIA 1LU course will discuss the advantages of using thin brick made of clay/shale to create a brick finish for both interior and exterior wall applications. The course will give participants important insight into the types of clay/shale thin bricks that are available and how thin brick is used with a variety of wall systems. Through comparison with full face brick, discussing how clay/shale thin brick is manufactured, and viewing installation examples, attendees will be better able to make informed decisions on the use of thin brick with a variety of building types.

AIA Course #J881082019

Learn the economic, environmental, and design advantages of using thin brick veneer to create a brick finish. Includes a comparison to full brick, a discussion of thin brick types, and a look at how thin brick is used with various wall systems.

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The Health,Safety, and Welfare Benefits of Thin Brick and Thin Brick Wall Systems (1 LU - HSW)

This AIA 1LU HSW course will discuss the advantages of using a thin brick-clad wall system to achieve an authentic kiln-fired brick finish with less impact on the environment and more benefits.

The course will compare thin brick veneer exterior wall systems with a full brick cavity wall, demonstrating the advantages of a thin brick wall when considering health, safety, and welfare, including environmental impact and occupants' comfort and well being. The course will also review the different types of thin brick and thin brick wall systems and compare them.

Students will better understand the effects full-face brick and thin brick have on the environment through an in-depth comparison. The analysis will include a discussion on raw materials, manufacturing, transport, and installation for both brick finishes.

Understanding the H.S.W. impact wall system options and brick selection has will help participants make informed decisions through the preliminary design and project development stages of construction.

AIA Course #J88142021


When a brick finish is desired, learn how a thin brick wall improves the building’s environmental impact and contributes to the health and safety of the building occupants and those affected by the building.

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