How-to Install Thin Brick

You can install thin brick in a wide range of settings using straightforward installation methods and quickly achieve a brick finish in remodeling and new construction projects.


Use thin brick in areas where full-face brick is often not practical and without additional construction work required with full-face brick.

How To Install Thin Brick over an Exterior Wall

Brick facades are a classic, timeless look. Today, many builders opt to install energy-saving thin bricks over exterior walls with foam insulation. This instructional video from Ironrock shows the basics of this type of installation.

How To Install Thin Brick on an Interior Wall

Modern design trends feature the timeless look of an exposed brick interior wall, creating a focal point for any room. Using thin brick instead of full brick makes installation even easier. Our how-to video will show you how to install Royal Thin Brick® to a flat interior wall, transforming any home or office.

How To Install Thin Brick Over a Concrete Slab

This installation video demonstrates installing a thin brick veneer on an exterior application, such as a concrete front entry of a residential home. Thin brick adds warmth and color to any building or outside structure.

How To Install Ceramic Paving Tile Outdoors

This quick guide takes you through installing ceramic tile outdoors using our Down to Earth®, Down to Earth® is 1/2″ thick and has through-the-body flashed colors, distinct textures and unique sizing.

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