Thin Brick Field Applied Wall PanEls

Thin brick wall panel systems have been used successfully for generations. Panel system manufacturers include a warranty for their products. METROBRICK® is incorporated in panel system construction throughout the country, like this multi-use building in Akron, Ohio.

Thin Brick And Field Applied Wall Panels

There are multiple pre-engineered field applied systems used to install thin brick. Both residential building construction and large commercial mixed-use spaces leverage the advantages of METROBRICK® Thin Brick for these projects.

Field applied wall systems allow an experienced construction crew to install and grout a thick brick wall installation quickly and efficiently. These systems work by mechanically attaching a panel to the wall and attaching the thin brick with a strong adhesive. The mechanically-fastened panels typically have channels to wick away water from the building and ledges to hang or set the bricks on.

TBX Grade METROBRICK® Thin Brick is designed to be consistent in size and thickness to help ease installation. Once set up and installed, the field applied wall system gives the project the desired aesthetic brick appearance. Since this is an authentic kiln-fired brick, the appearance is natural and pleasing. Choose from a variety of colors and textures to accentuate the project’s architecture.

Field Applied Panel System Applications

Installation Gallery

Want to see finished installation projects? Visit the installation gallery for featured METROBRICK Thin Brick projects using precast, tilt-up and field applied installation methods.

Field Applied Resources

Sample Specifications

Here is a sample specification for you to refer to as a guide when specifying METROBRICK® Thin Brick for use in panel system applications.

Technical Notes 28c - Thin Brick Veneer


Download this twelve-page document provided by The Brick Industry Association presenting design and construction information on the use of thin brick in adhered veneer systems.

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