Paint Brick

METROBRICK®’s Paint Brick is a PCI compliant thin brick that is ready to be painted, offering endless customization possibilities for your next project

METROBRICK #814 Paint Brick

Like the standard offering, MetroBrick’s paintable brick meets all TBX grade thin brick standards and is PCI compliant for precast construction projects. Paint brick will have shade variation from run to run with possible variation in the same batch, as it contains our recycled production waste material.

Paint Brick Availability

We have a large stock of paint brick available at a first come, first serve basis.

Contact our Customer Service Department for pricing and details 1.888.325.3945


Paint Brick is currently available in Modular size flats and corners.

Available textures are Wire Cut and Vintage

#814 Paint Brick Board Request

Complete the form and we will send you a 13×13 sample board showcasing our paintable thin brick. This is available to order half-painted in either black or white.

Please note: Samples and all painted representations of MetroBrick Paint Brick are for example purposes only. All stock material is unpainted.

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