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New Colors from METROBRICK

METROBRICK® Architectural Thin Brick continues to expand its color palette with two new colors, #100 Alabaster and #705 Graphite, broadening the possibilities in single-tone options and blend combinations.

100 Alabaster

Adding 100 Alabaster as a new option brings a very light, buff color into the mix. Use Alabaster as a stand-alone color, accent, or as part of a blend. Alabaster is METROBRICK’s lightest color and is the perfect solution when a light thin brick is what you need.

705 Graphite

The addition of 705 Graphite to the METROBRICK colors adds a deep gray option to the palette.  METROBRICK now offers four gray colors; 505 Monument is a light gray. 507 Empire is a medium gray, the new Graphite color is a very dark gray, and 710 Charcoal is METROBRICK’S darkest color.

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