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Thin Brick Advantages – Compared to Full Face Brick

Here is a simple comparison between full bed brick and thin brick. This infographic was created to show potential energy and resource savings when using a wall system that includes thin brick.

This information does not contain all of the factors that come into play when comparing the complete full and thin brick wall systems. Instead, this is designed as a visual representation to show some inherent advantages in using thin brick.


80% of full brick is never seen. Thin brick allows for more building
options like added insulation and more interior space.

insulationAre you losing energy through your walls? METROBRICK® walls
allow for continuous insulation and create lower utility bills.

Images provided by Thermomass Insulation Systems.


METROBRICK® requires 8 fewer semi trucks to deliver 25,000
sq. ft. of modular surface coverage as compared to full brick.


To fire 700,000 pieces, METROBRICK® uses nearly 1/5 the amount
of natural gas than the same surface coverage of full brick.


METROBRICK® uses 1/5 the amount of material needed to
manufacture the same surface coverage as full brick.

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  1. My husband and I have been wondering if we should go with thin brick panels for the exterior of our new house or full stones. So thanks for pointing out that with the former option, we are able to have more insulation and save on energy costs. We will definitely have to go with thin brick panels since I want to save on energy as much as possible.

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